Joyce's Memories

By Joyce Graham

This is a interview with a blind lady, remembering when she first visited Hemel Hempstead, meeting and marrying her husband, plus life in Hemel Hempstead.

This page was added on 12/05/2012.

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  • A wonderful story of lived experience. I do not know this lady, but I remember joining Kodak & moving with them from High Holborn to Hemel Hempstead.
    It was a culture shock to many people, going from central London where everything was on hand – Restaurants, theatres, cinemas were all ‘just round the corner’ to Hemel where there was nothing but the odd pub.
    When we moved into the brand new Kodak building. I remember they had great problems initially with the AC which was thrown every time some one left a door open. Also the door handles stored static electricity & gave one a shock every time they were touched.
    I am very sad to see what has been done to the tower, Not a transformation but a degradation. ‘Tacky’ someone said & ‘tacky’ it is.
    I was also sad to see the demise of Kodak – the heart of photography for so many years, and then suddenly gone.

    By David Bryant (12/06/2022)