I want to know more about my Latchford Family

Jennifer Latchford

My name was Jennifer Ellen Latchford.  My Father was a teacher from Dacorum College.  He also worked in Vauxhall.   Did anyone know my father?  What was he really like?

I have recently found out  that I am related to my next door neighbour, Alice Gower.  I lived next door, but I was never allowed to meet her.

My grandmother raised me frim 18 months.  I can’t talk.  I’ve never been taught. I was never allowed to see anyone.  I am badly disabled.  My grandmother was Ellen Florence Shaw and she married my grandfather Horace Monk Latchford.

I a famous Ballroom Dancer.  I was taught with Keith and Betty Bouston in high town.  I have also been on television. I am famous. I had to go into Hill End Mental Asylum.   I am now 69 years old.

My cousins lived next door.  I had an uncle, Tony Foster, who built his house next door to my aunty.   Nanny wouldn’t let me go into his house at all.  I had to watch his children play in the garden  Her sisters were Ethel with Alice who still live in Greeenend Road.  I never met nanny’s sisters.   She also had a brother Albert Shaw. He  lived on Puller Road.  I was not allowed to walk up his road in case in I saw him in the garden and he said hello to me.

I want to know what a real family is like. I am alone, no parents, can barely talk, rotten childhood and I need help finding out about my past.   I’d like to know some of them.

Won’t someone help me? I literally cant talk.

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  • Hi Jennifer
    I’m going to send your request for information to my colleagues at Herts Archives & Local Studies in case they can help.
    Marion (editorial team)

    By Marion Hill (24/05/2021)