More Mayors?

Monotone Mayors

By Bill Koolen

Better to give than receive?
Cross my palm with silver or manicure?
Don't mention the socks
Something to do with Friends of the Earth
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  • Since my comment, I also note that the man standing in the second row, bears a resemblance to the woodwork and religious teacher at Bennetts End Secondary Modern now part of the Longdean complex. If it is him, his name is Mr. Marsden.

    The lady behind the mayor with not to mention socks was also a councillor Barling. This is because the two Barlings were married. I believe she may have also held the title of mayor at one time. But I could be wrong.

    She also featured in a club production by The Hemel Hempstead Movie Makers when we were known as Hemel Hempstead Cine Society. The film shot on super 8 film was titled A WALK INTO THE PAST. I was the boom microphone operator. If my memory serves me correctly, we started production in late 1982; and the film was completed in 1983. It was premiered in St. Mary’s Church the same year. At a later date video tape copies were made. We also worked with the local history society, particularly a Mr. Clifford Owen.

    However, I must point out that this production does appear on You Tube under the title HEMEL HEMPSTEAD WALK INTO THE PAST. It was not put on the internet by the owners Hemel Hempstead Movie Makers. But it has acquired numerous views.

    Alan French.

    By Alan French (08/12/2014)
  • I recognise MP Richard Page. The mayor in the same photo whose socks we are not to mention I recognise as councillor Barling.

    By Alan French (28/07/2014)
  • The lady Mayor in the first and third pictures are Janet Dunbavand who still resides in Berkhamsted.

    By Anne Crawley (28/01/2012)