FFEI Ltd (formerly Fujifilm Electronic Imaging and Crosfield Electronics) before and after Buncefield explosions on 11 December 2005

December 2005 FFEI's HQ building was destroyed in the Buncefield explosion

By Bill Koolen

Inside R&D FFEI building
Bill Koolen
Fire Drill in car park
Bill Koolen
Fire Drill in car park
Bill Koolen
Fire Drill in car park
Bill Koolen
Workers starting to assemble in car park for fire drill
Bill Koolen
Building and car park after 11/12
Car park after 11/12
R&D buiding and car park after 11/12
Arial veiw of R&D building and car park after 11/12
A part of the building furthest away from Buncefield
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  • I loved working for Crosfields in Holloway Rd on 460 550 Maganscans. Best scanners in the world at that time. It’s sad to see a Hi Tec company taken out by a lack of basic safety backup systems . I proud to have to have worked for such a company. John’s company company was not taken out by the Jerry’s but his neighbors.

    By Raymond Styles (02/12/2013)
  • What a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By JOHN CROSFIELD (08/01/2013)
  • I lived in St Albans at this time and was woken by a loud whooooosh noise, then explosions. It sounded like a rocket to me as it flew overhead, and then exploded. I understand now that the whooooosh noise was gas escaping from tanks? http://www.ourdacorum.org.uk/page_id__203.aspx

    By Bill Koolen (01/06/2011)