Lark in the Park

We would like to know the year of this event and any memories

By Bill Koolen

This page was added on 25/05/2011.

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  • Jimmy Edward’s photo is Councillor Dick Dennison, labour mayor.

    By Ms Barbara Pesch (04/02/2020)
  • It’s Councillor Buteux isn’t it? He ran the Bell Pub

    By Liz Warriner (10/08/2017)
  • I won a hot air balloon ride at Lark in the Park. It was 1995. There was an entry form in the paper to take to the event. 

    By Donna Hurman (30/10/2015)
  • The first picture looks like Boris to me. These Mayors do get around.

    By Ken Livingstone (09/06/2011)
  • Photo 4. The Punch & Judy man is Des Turner who is Professor of The Punch & Judy Fellowship

    By Pam Gasking (28/05/2011)