Ovaltine Memories


By Alan French

Military Weaponry

I can remember waiting for a bus at the stop outside the Ovaltine factory. I was with my mother and a cousin who lived in another part of the house where i resided in Belswains Lane. A goods train was seen by us on the opposite railway line. We could see, silhouetted in the night light some of its cargo. It was military weaponry, with cannon or tank gun turrets possibly poking out of tarpaulin. It was early 1950s and the munitions would have been for the Korean war.

Mohamed Ali

I have approximately a minutes worth of cine film of Mohamed Ali also known as Cassius Clay in an advertising campaign for Ovaltine. The film was shot in Hemel Hempstead. The BBC transferred it to vidios tape and if I get it transferred to DVD, I will let you know.

Egg Farm

During the 1950s sometimes my parents and I used to visit the Ovaltine egg farm area. I used to enjoy these Sunday afternoon visits.

Gene Vincent

I remember being sorry that I missed rock n roller Gene Vincent. But there was a story behind the scene. In the press there was incorporated in their report brief reference to his performance which took place at the Ovaltine Ballroom.

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  • My late father worked at the ovaltine factory in King’s Langley for over 30 years & still have a long service certificate of his .would like to donate this if it would be of benefit to the history of the company.

    By Mr Peter William Sells (03/10/2023)
  • I am very interested, as I have learned something. I did not know that there was an island in the vicinity called Monks Island. I wander, sorry, wonder how many islands there are in the area, that we public may not realise are there, or what their names are?

    By Alan French (28/01/2014)
  • Regarding the comments submitted on my behalf regarding Ovaltine. There is on this sister’s website, Herts Memories, a very interesting article, regarding Mohamed Ali’s visit by contributor Nick Connell. It also contains a brief reference to Charlie Chaplin.

    By Alan French (28/01/2014)
  • The story went that my grandparents moved to monks island opp: the Ovaltine factory, and my grandad caddied for Mr Wander who found him a job at the factory. My Mother worked there I worked at the egg farm and my husband also worked there. it was a major source of employment for many years.

    By maureen thompson (10/08/2013)