Marchmont Arms, Garage and Cottages

Piccotts End Garage, c.1970s
Cottages at Piccotts End, c. 1970s
Marchmont Arms, c.1970s

These images were sent in to the website by a former local resident. Do you have any memories of these places to share?

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  • The Marchmont Arms opened in the mid 1970s, having been bought by Bass Charrington.
    The photo looks from around that time – late 70s, possibly early 80-s?
    The annotation of c.1950s should really be amended.

    By Adrian Perry (09/05/2022)
  • Thank you for pointing this out, as well as other people in the comments. I will make sure to amend this to a more accurate decade.

    By Ellie Whybrow (15/05/2022)
  • Piccottes End Garage c 1950.
    I used to go courting in the village at this time, sorry don’t remember any garage.
    It looks to me like the one on the cross roads on the Leighton Buzzard road, can’t remember the name.

    By Terry Morton (20/01/2021)
  • Judging by the makes of car, most of which did not exist in the 1950s, I’d say the photo of the petrol station was taken in the 1970s rather than 1950s. The photo of Marchmont House is also probably later than the 1950s as there is clearly a Mini parked outside; the Mini was launched in August 1959.

    By Neil Cole (23/11/2020)
  • Marchmont House was my home before it was sold to a brewery in about 1972/3, so I think your date of c1950s is a bit too early.
    I used to wash the columns, which then had stone balls on the top and the large gap was not there. The foreground was a lawn that I mowed although it was a vegetable garden when I first moved in. The veranda on the left was not closed in when I was there.

    By Gerry Brown (26/02/2020)