Photos of Chestnuts Home, Hemel Hempstead

Children at Chestnuts Home, c 1962
Chestnuts Home, c 1962

Were you at Chestnuts Home in the early 1960s?  Can you help identify any of these people?


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  • David Morgan you have a good memory. I definitely remember you and a few others on the photo. A reunion would be wonderful.


    By Laraine Gordon (29/01/2024)
  • I was there in 1943 and what is described here is heaven whereas when I was there it was hell. The war, was still on.
    Matron was Mrs Davis I think.

    By Ruth (25/01/2024)
  • The girls in the 2nd row: both Steppian sisters, Judy Condon in chequered dress. Me lanky with glasses, striped pullover, Saul Safaer, Michael Rosen, back row right Mrs Blooman (Matie), tall dark girl Anne, The boy behind me Freddy?
    In the garden: me far right, Colin Rich?, Saul Safaer, a Steppian sister, ?, Judy Condon, ?, Lorraine Gordon, the 2 Rosen bros. somewhere

    By david morgan (10/10/2021)
  • Maurice, I found these photos amongst my parent’s things. Both have passed now. I hope they brought back memories of our time together at the chestnuts home. I vaguely remember all in the photo. So long ago now.

    All the best,

    By Laraine Gordon (30/11/2020)
  • I (Maurice Jacob) and my 3 sisters are in the photos so it would have been taken between August and December 1961 when we were at the Chestnuts. In the indoor photo, my sister Rose is in the front row on floor 2nd from left. My other sister Vicky is to the right of Rose and I am to the right of Vicky. My older sister Rena is is in the second row sitting on a chair 3rd from left. We are also in the outdoor photo.

    By Maurice Jacob (19/06/2019)