life at the Chestnuts 1956-1962

David Morgan

The Chestnuts Alexandra Rd. Hemel Hempstead
The Chestnuts 1957, retouched in colour
The Chestnuts newspaper article 1959
The Chestnuts 4 scouts l-r: Michael Rosen Paul Lewis Saul Safaer David Morgan
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  • My twin sisters and I (originally from Stepney) lived in The Chestnuts for six months in 1959-60. I was seven years old and they were six years old. Just today I thought about that time for the first time since I was a child. I Googled and found this site. I do remember “Matie”. My only other memory is all the children were taken to the West End to see a pantomime and the cast called us out to wave to the audience. I had no idea it was a home for Jewish children or in Hemel Hempstead. Thank you for the history and memory.

    By Tina Keith (née Levine) (16/06/2023)