The Rhythm Seekers (circa late 50's)

Band members - Harry Warwick, Sheila Warwick, Ted Gammon, Graham Tomkins, Paul Hanford. correct me if I'm wrong

By David Warwick

Rhythm Seekers
David Warwick

After reading Ted Gammon’s story about his time in the band called The Rhythm Seekers, thought I would add this photo of the band, which was supplied by my mother (Harry Warwick’s wife at the time). Sadly, Harry and Sheila are no longer with us. Don’t know about the others.

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  • Hi David- Graham Tomkins is my Grandfather! (second from left; facing the camera)

    He is alive and well and still living in Hemel Hempstead. He has plenty of photos and mementoes from his days in the Rhythm Seekers that we would be delighted to share with any members of the band or their family. Please do reach out to me if you are interested.

    Ed: please get in touch via and we can facilitate contact

    By Ella Tomkins (25/07/2023)