Identify 2

Can you help identify these photographs?

By Bill Koolen

I am in The Dacorum Heratige Trust museum store but who am I?
What is the connection of this photograph with Dacorum? Oslo - Washington Express in London 1937, with first cargo (945,000 boxes) of citrus fruit ever shipped from Palestine in cool air insulated stowage.
Do you know where this was old photograph was captured?
This looks like a church that was about to be demolished. Can you help us identify the location?
A wood building. Where was it or where is it?

These photographs have been a mystery to Dacorum Heritage Tust. Can you help identify?

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  • The third photograph could be of the old forge in Bovingdon, located above the pond off Chipperfield Road

    By Tom Thomson (31/01/2018)
  • i can def state that the suggested church picĀ  is def the school on queens street / queensway on the juntion where the T.A centre use to be on lower adeyfield road

    By terry (15/11/2015)
  • Last but one picture. I’m certain that this is George street school. I walked past this everyday on my way to school. This is the back of the school as seen from Queensway. As a previous contributer has noted it is looking from the junction of Queensway and Adeyfield Road. The main entrance was on George street which ran parallel with Queensway.

    By mic.s (11/07/2015)
  • The one that looks like a church about to be demolished is part of the old George Street School … it was demolished in the early 1980s …you can see the school that is there today behind on the right …. this was facing the school from Queensway.

    By caz (26/04/2015)
  • I believe this is the old Queen st school, which stood opposite junction with Lower Adeyfield rd and Queen st. I was a pupil there late 40s.

    By peter mckenzie (03/02/2013)
  • The last but one picture – where a church is suggested – is typical of the mid-Victorian schools – and the date 1878 fits – probably of a smaller village, Try checking Kelly’s Directory for 1880s for a village with a new schoool in that year. Last picture: Could this be one of the relocated Gadebridge Camp military huts from WW1 – Only one I know which is still standing (but fate being currently considered) is the one at New Mill, Tring.

    By Chris Reynolds (01/07/2011)